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Re: Wheaton?

Jan 27, 1998 10:31 PM
by JRC

On Wed, 28 Jan 1998, Drpsionic wrote:
> I have never, ever believed the assertion that no one at HQ reads this list.
> On the contrary, the indications I get is that it is followed almost with the
> fervor of Hillary Clinton getting some peculiar voyeuristic thrills at the
> behavior of her husband.
	Actually ... I'm also quite certain that the list is well
monitored by the Wheaton leadership - and its almost ridiculous to think
otherwise. Whether one agrees with their *ends* or not, their *means* are
unashamedly political ... and they are there because they are relatively
*good* at politics (or at least haven't had to face any significant
challenge) ... and *no one* even partially succeeds at that game without
monitoring places where opposition exists (and in fact usually trying to
plant people and ideas in such forums).

> It is a simple matter to subscribe from a virtually anonymous account and
> lurk.  Or there can be any number of people close to the powers that be that
> get the digest version and then forward it to the folks at HQ so as to leave
> them looking completely innocent.
	Shucks Chuck its even easier than that - around ten of the members
on the current list of subscribers are "Concealed". -JRC

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