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Common man/woman's WWW

Dec 19, 1997 03:40 PM
by M K Ramadoss

The company which is ushering the all in one web server is soon going after
home market. Here is a part of a report in the news.


 Frankenberg said the box will sell for ''well under $2,000'' at its expected
 introduction later this year, and he said buyers now using a Web service
bureau  would cover the purchase cost within 18 months through lower
monthly access fees.

 Encanto plans to introduce a scaled-down box next year, priced in the $300 to
 $400 range, for families and volunteer organizations that want to control
their own Web sites but don't require as many features as a small business.


What this means is that everyone of us can set up our own home page and
every one is going have their own website. Look for action in 1998.


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