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Re: Common man/woman's WWW

Dec 19, 1997 05:14 PM
by Vincent Beall

M K Ramadoss wrote:
> The company which is ushering the all in one web server is soon going after
> home market. Here is a part of a report in the news.
> =================
>  Frankenberg said the box will sell for ''well under $2,000'' at its expected
>  introduction later this year, and he said buyers now using a Web service
> bureau  would cover the purchase cost within 18 months through lower
> monthly access fees.
>  Encanto plans to introduce a scaled-down box next year, priced in the $300 to
>  $400 range, for families and volunteer organizations that want to control
> their own Web sites but don't require as many features as a small business.
> ===================================
> MKR:
> What this means is that everyone of us can set up our own home page and
> every one is going have their own website. Look for action in 1998.
> ..........MKRamadoss

Doss, I believe that you can find tools on the net for authouring your
own webpages, and Geocities or Fortunecity will host your pages at no
charge. I built my pages with Frontpage'97, and my IP provides 3 mb
space at no extra charge.

Am I missing something about this new service that you are telling us


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