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Setting your own website

Dec 19, 1997 05:58 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Here comes the new trend. It is going to be very easy to setup your own
website and maintain it.

Some of  you may be interested.


<B>Natural Born Killer:</B> e.go, a  Web Site in a Box
URL: http://www.anchordesk/story/story_1556.html
Berst Alert
Jesse Berst, Editorial Director<BR><I>ZDNet AnchorDesk</I>
Friday, December 19, 1997

Ever seen a Chia pet? You know, those weird little pottery
creatures that you water. And they sprout?

Well, I have seen the Chia pet of Web servers. Encanto
Network Ė the company fronted by ex-Novell CEO Robert
Frankenberg Ė is about to roll out e.go, a just-add-water
solution for anyone who wants to host a Web site. Whether
or not they know Java from JPEG. For a thousand dollars
you get everything you need to host your own site. And
for a couple hundred more, you can start your own Web

For those of you new to AnchorDesk, "Natural Born Killers"
is an occasional series where I highlight technologies
with killer potential. These articles are not an endorsement
or a recommendation to buy (I don't have time to be a
one-man testing lab). Rather, they alert you to products
with the "genes" to be great, products with the germ of
an important idea.

And the Web server-in-a-box is certainly a significant
concept. A super-simple, super-cheap, soup-to-nuts e-commerce
Web solution is perfect for small businesses (and small
businesses-to-be) that need a Web site. But canít afford
$30,000 for design. $300 a month for off-site hosting.
And $50,000 a year for a Webmaster. Products like Encantoís
e.go --slated to ship early next year -- will build your
site, secure your Internet address, set up your email
accounts, establish security access, and let you make
changes whenever you want.

A couple of cautionary notes. As positive as we are about
this concept, and as much as we like the e.go product,
you need to be careful. You donít want to get stuck in
the easy-to-get-started but hard-to-grow space. As you
evaluate this trend, look for products (and companies)
that can scale up. If your site is as successful as you
hope, you donít want to throw your first Web site out
and start over from scratch just to grow.

Now help us out here. What do you think is the easiest
way to get started on the Web? Whatís the biggest mistake
a new Web site can make? Scroll to the bottom of this
page and send me a Talk Back message. Iíll post some of
the best responses beneath this column.

There are other products also headed down the just-add-water
Web server path. Regardless of which version of this concept
makes it -- and we think e.go has as good a shot as any
-- we applaud the concept and think you should take a
hard look at it. You don't have to be an expert gardener
to grow a Chia pet. And soon you won't have to be a Webmaster
to sprout a site.

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