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Re: Theos-World Truth

Nov 27, 1997 11:19 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

With my allergic reaction to any spiritual organization's rules, I probably
would not have continued studying t/Theosophy if it wasn't for the
theosophy lists.  Perhaps without the internet, others would have abandoned
their theosophical studies due to disillusionment with an organization.
Definitely one way to separate "Truth" from "organization."

Thoa :o)

>It just dawned on me what a progress Internet has made.
>On all the maillists, we have T/theosophists belonging to every
>Theosophical Organization and T/theosophists belonging to no
>organization. We all have our personal preferences about philosophy,
>leaders and organizations, but the key factor which unites us all and
>makes us participate in exchanging ideas and opinions and provide
>information, is that all of us are interested in T/theosophy and we are
>all students thereof.
>What organizations have never been able to achieve in over 100 years,
>Internet is making headway  and we all should be thankful on Thanksgiving
>My 0.02

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