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Re: Truth is a Pathless Land

Nov 27, 1997 01:45 PM
by M K Ramadoss


I agree. 

It was in 1965 when I went to the International Convention in Adyar, that I
attended a lecture by K across the river from TS HQ. During the convention,
all the attendes attended his lectures and the TS schedule was so arranged
that there was no conflict. In each lecture, the then President of TS, N.
Sri Ram, father of Radha was always there, I think sending a subtle msg
that all Theosophists should hear what K has to say and then make up their
own mind. 

Even though I later attended several of his lectures in New Delhi and
Bangalore, it was almost 20 years later when I started reading some of his
stuff and saw some of the videos, that I started "thinking" on my own. It
may be recalled that in the 1986 International Convention Lecture, Radha
Burnier clearly stated that K's emphasis on questioning everything may have
saved TS from shutting down as most similar organizations did not survive
for a century.

I think K's emphasis on living what you know is all important and all else
is less relevant. Glad that you and I are on the same wave length. 



At 05:58 AM 11/26/97 -0800, you wrote:
>The way I see it is that the theosophists who were living at that time,
>when K. closed the Order of the Star, didn't understand the importance of
>his action. That is the reason why in 1997 we still see discussion groups
>discussing what Krishnamurti meant by "freedom" and how to attain "complete
>freedom". Instead of living like free men and women, we act like sheep.
>Dedicated to make a creed out of the teachings, and a church out of the TS.
>But it's not too late in 1997. We still have time to fix the mess.
>>Krishnaji's statements and lectures have the effect of challenging the
>>individual to be self-reliant and take on creative and activist role rather
>>than blind following like a sheep.
>>In HPB's msg I just posted she states:
>>"For the extension of the theosophical movement, a useful channel for the
>>irrigation of the dry fields of contemporary thought with the water of life,
>>Branches are needed everywhere; not mere groups of passive sympathisers,
>>such as the slumbering army of churchgoers, whose eyes are shut while the
>>"devil" sweeps the field; no, not such.
>>Active, wide-awake, earnest, unselfish Branches are needed, whose members
>>shall not be constantly unmasking their selfishness by asking "What will it
>>profit us to join the Theosophical Society, and how much will it harm us?"
>>but be putting to themselves the question "Can we not do substantial good to
>>mankind by working in this good cause with all our hearts, our minds, and
>>our strength?"
>>The spirit of the above statement is in line with Krishnaji's statement
>>except that he goes one step further making us grow up and be self reliant.

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