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Re: Theos-World Request for Information, Suggestions, Help

Nov 22, 1997 11:42 AM
by Eldon B Tucker


>Following on what JRC has indicated, could you tell us:
>1. What is the composition of the audience such as:
>       top leaders
>       workers
>       others

This cannot be predicted in advance. The program is a one-day
thing on the regular Krotona schedule, without any special

>       Again in the above groups any idea of the proportion of young and old

Typical programs at Krotona are older folks that may never
have owned their own PC. For a program on this topic, though,
the older folks that dislike computers will stay away, and
more of the younger people on the Krotona mailing list will
likely come. The percentage of younger people will be
improved, but still be older than the average for the T.S.
in general.

>2. What are the objectives, if any has been formulated?

Give a broad overview of what's out there, some show-and-tell,
and related philosophical discussion of how one can benefit
from and serve others on the Internet.

>3. Getting the audience appreciate and use Internet, is top-down or
>bottom-up approach is going to be taken? (How eager and fast rank and file
>take to Internet may depend on the attitude and enthusiasm of the leadership
>especially because Krotona is the HQ of the Esoteric Section.) 

This is not a training session for staff, it's a public
program for anyone interested.

>4. Can you tell us some background of how and who initiated setting up your

I thought it would be a good idea and volunteered to 
give the program.

-- Eldon

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