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Re: Request for Information, Suggestions, Help

Nov 21, 1997 12:26 PM
by JRC

Eldon ...
      I've had to do more than my share of Internet seminars ... lemme ask
you - 
             1. What level of knowledge are you assuming in your
participants (i.e., are they people that have never even logged onto the
Internet and need even the basic concepts of email, browsers & etc., or are
they already computer competent, and your purpose will be to show them what
resources exist for Theosophy as a specific subject)?
            2. How many computers will you have in the seminar - i.e., will
most be able to be at a keyboard and logged to sites & etc., or will you
have one computer that everyone will be milling around?
           3. What sort of demonstration software will you have - a couple
different browsers, email programs & etc.? Or will you be stuck witha single
computer with only one set of tools? 

Regards, -JRC

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