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Request for Information, Suggestions, Help

Nov 21, 1997 12:07 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

Hello everyone.

At the end of January I'll be giving a program on "Theosophy
and the Internet" at the Krotona School of Theosophy in Ojai,
California. I'm in the process of deciding what will go into
the program, and thought I'd ask for suggestions, ideas, etc.
from fellow theosophical students on the Internet. (I'm writing
to several mailing lists since there's fairly little overlap
between the lists, and I'll be able to get more ideas,
suggestions, and things to include in the program.)

There are five areas where help could be offered:

1. Does anyone have or could anyone write some personal stories
   about experiences on the Internet and how it might relate to
   one's learning, growth, spiritual awakening, etc.? (I may read
   excerpts from some of the more interesting ones at the

2. What are everyone's favorite web sites, lists, hangouts?

3. What suggestions are good to offer newcomer Theosophists
   on utilizing the Internet?

4. What suggestions does everyone have as to things to mention
   or include in my four-to-five hour program?

5. What would be good live demonstrations to do? (Perhaps posting
   and getting live email to/from a list, going to some web
   pages, visiting an IRC, trying out Internet phone, etc.)

-- Eldon Tucker

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