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Re: Defining Soul (2)

Nov 14, 1997 05:09 PM
by Vincent Beall

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:

> >
> >For me the masculine Sephirot are the "happy" soul (Heart, Soul, Mind,
> >Strength, Sense)
> >Tipareth, Chessed, Chokmah, Netzak, Kether.... these are in the order
> >that they emanate from the center of being; the direction of self toward
> >Kingdom, the direction of giving.
> >
> This is, I regret to say, gobbledegook to me.  No offence intended.
> >
> >Peace be with you,
> And with you.

Well, I am sorry that my ideas are rather opague, but I am
reinterpreting the Tree. I have been told that the Tree is open to
interpretation, and that the system of correspondences absorbs all
symbolic systems. My view is definitely non-traditional as I would
replace or append to the diagram of the Tree a fractal composed of
Platonic Solids. It is terribly dfficult to communicate why this new
geometrical interpretation should be taken seriously. The solids, their
compound forms, and the fractal itself require study for a lengthy
period in order that they be imagined, and the relationships that they
have to each other and Kabbalah be understood. 

Reinterpreting the five parts of the soul to be the five masculine
sephirot is a product of reflecting on the many correspondences between
the Tree and the geometry. I know what I have said probably doesn't
resovle anything for you, but I would like your help in contemplating
the masculine sephirot.

If we ignore the names of the traditional parts of the soul: Yechidah,
Chayah, Neshamah, Ruach, Nefesh... simply agree that the soul has five
parts, and look for those parts in the commandment to love G-d where He
is to be loved with all heart, soul, mind, strength (adding to this the
senses) the I see a refection of the masculine sephirot.

Tipareth-beauty= Heart

Chesed-mercy/love= (spiritual)soul

Chokmah-wisdom= mind

Netzach-victory= strength

Kether-crown= (supernatural)senses

I think this is a major reinterpretation , but a coherent one which also
reflects a natural geometry (which is unfortunately difficult to

Please give me some thoughts about how well such an interpretaion might
be tolerated. I may be the king lemming on this, but everyone need not
go off the cliff with me.



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