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Re: Defining Soul (2)

Nov 13, 1997 11:58 PM
by Vincent Beall

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
> In message <>, Vincent Beall <>
> writes
> >when we divide anything into parts it can always collapse
> >into an infinite regression which defeats our understanding of the parts
> >themselves. We really have only our experiences to reflect on
> >ultimately, which makes the mystery of mysteries an explanation of what
> >the substance of our sensations is. It is all Yesod, in otherwords, and
> >made transcendental in Kether. What is the substance of blue, hot, cold,
> >or the fragrance of a rose? These are experience; a rose is a rose, is a
> >rose.
> Hurrah for Gertrude Stein ...
> >
> >Notwithstanding, my take is that the roses are the sephirot. So please
> >describe your understanding of spirit. If we experience spirit as having
> >qualities then isn't structure implied? How do you deduce this structure
> >and with what system of words? Why isn't soul synonomus with being?
> >From The Teaching:
> Understanding is awareness in consciousness.

Understanding(Binah) should be dubbed Intellegence; havind the nature of
being understood... having "being".

> Knowledge is consciousness.

Knowledge(Daath) is the combining of Understandings to form a simple
system of  understanding, a system which gives place for the existance
of Honor(Hod); the meaning of Knowledge is in Hod...

Mind(Chokmah) is built from Knowledges(Daath's).

> Knowledge is Being.

The most elementary notion of being is Binah which is Gertrudes rose.

> Understanding is recognition through awareness.

The outer form of awareness is Chokmah informed by Kether. The inner
form is the meaning held in Chessed informed by Chokmah.

> Knowledge is recognition AS.
> The key to understanding is awareness.  There are degrees of
> Awareness.  At some times we are more aware than at others.
> The key to knowledge is understanding.

Very true.

> Knowledge is consciousness. 

I don't agree.

>Understanding is awareness in consciousness. 

Conciousness is awareness, Understandings are the "is's" that we are
aware of... 
the objects we must assume to really be in order that we have thoughts
at all. Something like, Understanding is the 'word' or object of thought
in consciousness.

> Because of this the first step toward knowledge
> is awareness of consciousness.  This is the highest degree of
> awareness.  It is Self-awareness, for we ARE consciousness. 

To know you are aware is very mundane. It is at the lowest level of what
is human. Perception of the higher reality through Kether is to actually
be aware of the true meaning,; Kether is in Malkuth(the Kingdom).

> Many
> people, some of them teachers of others, confuse Self-awareness
> with Self-knowledge.  I am aware of the cat, but I am not the
> cat.  If I KNOW the cat, I AM the cat, and I am at one with God.

Saints and such have "funny" ego boundaries.

God is; so when we afirm our own existance we commune with Him; to pray
effectively is to experience this, (to use an example which can be
problematical) HPB in The Key to Theosophy states that the prayer of the
Theosophist is an expression of "will".
> True knowledge of this order is very rare, but we all have some
> part of it at some period of our lives, so that we shall
> recognise it, through awareness, when we meet it again.  This is
> a paradox, for such true knowledge is Being itself, is "I Am."
> We are born knowing, but unaware.

The objects of infantile consciousness are holographic and not concepts
pinched into 'words'. Awareness is the very nature in infantcy; Binah
and Daath come later.

> If you seek to know, then seek to understand.  If you seek to
> understand, then seek to be more aware.  If you seek to be more
> aware, then look about you at what IS, for what IS is Being, and
> Being is Knowledge.  All this if, and only if.
> In Spirit is consciousness.

For me the masculine Sephirot are the "happy" soul (Heart, Soul, Mind,
Strength, Sense)
Tipareth, Chessed, Chokmah, Netzak, Kether.... these are in the order
that they emanate from the center of being; the direction of self toward
Kingdom, the direction of giving.

Peace be with you,


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