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Re: ULT & B. Wadia

Nov 14, 1997 01:15 AM
by Vincent Beall

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
> In message <>, Vincent Beall <>
> writes
> >BTW, the lodge meetings are not recitations of a theosophical catechism.
> >The titles of lectures come from a fixed standard list, but each lecture
> >is an orginal expostion of an advanced students understanding of the
> >Theosophical founders.
> How is an "advanced student" recognised ???
Well, the lodge that I attended was small, so it seemed that one simply
quieried some of the regular members that were performing the duties of
the lodge if one wanted to deliver a lecture. Although, one of the elder
members of the lodge did ask me to read something before the lodge. I
was never curious about organizational structure and was glad that is
wasn't bothersome to the functioning of the lodge. I was very content to
listen to lectures and participate in the questions afterward, and
spontanious questions can be asked by anyone, it is a public meeting.
This all makes for a very service oriented presence. However, I really
do appreciate the free exchange of ideas offered in other theosophical
organisations, and I don't think that a ULT lodge could be an internet
venture, it is much more personal than that which is more a failing of
the internet than a special virtue of the ULT. Actually gathering
together with other theosophists is much more satisfing than reading and

Someone made a comment about anarchy in theosophy; well, the ULT members
are very largely in favor of order in the universe and Theosophy itself,
although, privately and in some ways in the study group there is a very
magical effect from interaction with members. Many are seeking adept


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