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Re: ULT & B. Wadia

Nov 13, 1997 07:38 AM
by Vincent Beall wrote:
  Part of the principles and policies statement reads:
>     "The policy of this Lodge is independent devotion to the cause of
> Theosophy, without professing attachment to any Theosophical organization.
>  It is loyal to the great Founders of the Theosophical Movement, but does not
> concern itself with dissensions or differences of individual opinion.
>   The work it has on hand and the end it keeps in view are too absorbing and
> too lofty to leave it the time or inclination to take part in side issues.
>  That work and that end is the dissemination of the Fundamental Principles of
> the Philosophy of Theosophy, and the exemplification in practice of those
> principles, through a truer realization of the SELF; a profounder conviction
> of Universal Brotherhood. "
> Another  interesting feature is it's lack of  Constitution, By-Laws and
> Officers. Everything is done by individuals without backing of a group or a
> hierarchical position.  Favored studying material appears to be anything by
> Crosbie, Judge or the "Key to Theosophy."

>       The Theosophy Company

> crp

Sorry I haven't been reading all of the e-mail, I thought I might be of
some help solving the ULT mysteries, since I am a member. Well, the
above quote from crp really sums it up. To become a member one signs a
card that states that you are in sympathy the above purposes of the
lodge. They are the most conservative Theosophists and there really are
some odd things about the ULT. For instance lodge member refrain from
using anyones name in the lodge especially first names. This they say
this avoids the developement of a cult of personality. The humility of
the lodge is that every member agrees that he is only a student and
never teacher of theosophy. 

In one meeting the term Theosophist was singled out as being reserved
for the founders of Theosophy only, and it was held as pompus to refer
to oneself as a Theosophist. One elder member of the lodge succumed to a
shouting fit when I had offered to donate some of my books to the lodge,
which I found quite shocking since he had never behaved that way before
I had offered the books. They seem to believe that all wisdom is neatly
canned in the books of the founders. 

However, most of my experience with the lodge was extreemly good, and
the study groop was quite a wonderful thing to experience. One elder
woman member said to me after many years that I was somehow at the same
time completely physical, and completely mystical. Oblique, but a
compliment I suppose. 

As to how the bills are paid etc., certain members seem to simply
appoint themselves to supply the need of the lodges. There is somekind
of loose organization, but it is completely hidden in order that the
promulgation of Theosophy not be hindered.

BTW, the lodge meetings are not recitations of a theosophical catechism.
The titles of lectures come from a fixed standard list, but each lecture
is an orginal expostion of an advanced students understanding of the
Theosophical founders. It is true that the lodge through the year is
always covering the same ground, but the purpose of the lodge is to
broadcast the meaning and message to anyone who comes to explore

Well, when I began to attend TS meetings in Balitmore the members of my
lodge were so terribly curious that they began to regularly attend TS
meetings in D.C. and with their donations to the collection plate saved
the Washington lodge from closing. It's been a long while since I have
visited the ULT lodge. I had been unable to attend since I had moved
from the Washinton area  several years ago. Currently, the closest lodge
is the TS which is 150 miles away from Salisbury MD where I am now. So,
I guess theosophy will have to be the internet for me while I am here.
The internet is not very supernatural though, so it's hard to get used



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