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Re: Defining Soul (2)

Nov 14, 1997 05:14 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Vincent Beall <>
writes and quotes (>> lines):
>Understanding(Binah) should be dubbed Intellegence; havind the nature of
>being understood... having "being".

It is also "insight of a discriminatory kind" - a multifaceted word!
>> Knowledge is consciousness.
>Knowledge(Daath) is the combining of Understandings to form a simple
>system of  understanding, a system which gives place for the existance
>of Honor(Hod); the meaning of Knowledge is in Hod...

Huh?  Have you downloaded my "keys"?  Maybe from there we could take
some agreed definitions ...
>Mind(Chokmah) is built from Knowledges(Daath's).

>> Knowledge is Being.
>The most elementary notion of being is Binah which is Gertrudes rose.
>> Understanding is recognition through awareness.
>The outer form of awareness is Chokmah informed by Kether. The inner
>form is the meaning held in Chessed informed by Chokmah.

I really cannot follow your concepts here at all.  They are like no
Kabbalah tthat I have ever studied.
>> The key to knowledge is understanding.
>Very true.

At least we agree on something!
>> Knowledge is consciousness. 
>I don't agree.

>>Understanding is awareness in consciousness. 
>Conciousness is awareness, Understandings are the "is's" that we are
>aware of... 
>the objects we must assume to really be in order that we have thoughts
>at all. Something like, Understanding is the 'word' or object of thought
>in consciousness.

Consciousness is a condition, awareness is an activity.  they cannot be
the same thing.
>> Because of this the first step toward knowledge
>> is awareness of consciousness.  This is the highest degree of
>> awareness.  It is Self-awareness, for we ARE consciousness. 
>To know you are aware is very mundane. It is at the lowest level of what
>is human.

You have changed the meanining of the words here.

> Perception of the higher reality through Kether is to actually
>be aware of the true meaning,; Kether is in Malkuth(the Kingdom).

And Malkuth is in Kether; cf. the serpent of wisdom in the TS logo.
What you are trying to say here escapes me.
>> Many
>> people, some of them teachers of others, confuse Self-awareness
>> with Self-knowledge.  I am aware of the cat, but I am not the
>> cat.  If I KNOW the cat, I AM the cat, and I am at one with God.
>Saints and such have "funny" ego boundaries.
>God is; so when we afirm our own existance we commune with Him; to pray
>effectively is to experience this, (to use an example which can be
>problematical) HPB in The Key to Theosophy states that the prayer of the
>Theosophist is an expression of "will".

Then I am a theosophist, but not a Theosophist!
<Larger snip>
>For me the masculine Sephirot are the "happy" soul (Heart, Soul, Mind,
>Strength, Sense)
>Tipareth, Chessed, Chokmah, Netzak, Kether.... these are in the order
>that they emanate from the center of being; the direction of self toward
>Kingdom, the direction of giving.
This is, I regret to say, gobbledegook to me.  No offence intended.
>Peace be with you,

And with you.


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