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Re: Theos-World feedback on intellectual rights and ethics

Nov 14, 1997 10:19 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-11-13 16:55:06 EST, you write:

>But hearing about that principle may remind us of something we know
>but don't have full conscious access to yet.  Or sometimes we *do* know in
>heart of hearts we are acting against our conscience, but because "everyone
>else does it" we compromise our better knowing.
>BTW, Chuck, your serious side seems to be coming out lately.  I personally
>find that refreshing.  Tricksters are great for stirring up the stodgy old
>prim and proper folks now and then, but too much trickery is tiring.

I'm inclined to think that much of the stuff we term "ethics" is the result
of conditioning and becomes instinctive.  Other things are just practical.
 For example, it is much less work to be honest.  C.S. Lewis was of the
opinion that the values of his day were part of some natural order and as a
result his Mere Christianity is based on arguments that are fundamentally
flawed only because he died in 1963 he did not live to see the flaws exposed
by the passage of time.

The nature vs. nuture argument has been around for ages and will continue
long after we have reincarnated.

I'm glad someone enjoys my serious side.  I find it terribly pompous and
boring so I try to keep it well hidden.

Chuck the Heretic

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