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Re: What's right?

Nov 14, 1997 09:46 AM
by techndex

At 08:54 AM 11/13/97 -0500, A. Safron wrote:
>That's true,  Bart.  If I want to do a strip-tease, till I'm only
>wearing a navel jewel, in my living room, for my lover or husband, it is
legal, but, in
>the minds of some people it may be very wrong.
>A. Safron

I just couldn't resist responding to this!!!! Now that I have a big
"zipper" incision going down my chest, I guess I can't go back to
professional belly dancing where I really did wear a navel jewel. (This was
years ago.) ;-D But, come to think of it, I could start a new career as
stripper and call myself "The Stripper with the Zipper". ;-D

Glad to see you back here too.


Lynn Moncrief
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