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Re: Hi gang!! missing you!!

Nov 14, 1997 09:44 AM
by techndex

At 03:09 AM 11/13/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Estrella, mi amiga,
>Como esta?  And if you think I can speak Spanish after this, you'll be
>greatly disappointed! :o)  Welcome back.  I just came back to the list
>myself.  It has changed greatly.  Everyone must be out playing tennis.
>Thoa :o)


Out playing tennis? Oh, I wish!!! ;-D This is my first post since September
when I unexpectedly left in the middle of a discussion to go off and have
another heart attack, along with congestive heart failure, pneumonia, and
finally bypass surgery. Am still recovering from bypass surgery and can't
type very much (especially being that they slashed one of my arms to get an
artery to replace a blocked coronary). So I've been quietly lurking since
I've been out of the hospital. It's good to see you back here!! I just
loved reading your remarks on Mondria(a)n. ;-D It's good seeing you back
here, too, Estrella!


Lynn Moncrief
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