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Re: Development

Nov 13, 1997 05:21 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <v03007805b08e2babde43@[]>, Nicole Suter
<> writes
>To Alan: "No. This organism is *informed* by spirit.  The soul has
>a sense of "self" while the informing spirit has a certainty of Being,
>of I-dentity."
>That's great and very true. And it leads me to another question.
>Could you please explain to me, why people are getting sick?

Getting sick is part of the experience of all physical life.  For new
life to appear, other life must make room for it.  The mechanism of
Nature, unfortunately, does not appear to be "just" according to human
standards of justice.  So: Nature is not human.  This is why I choose
the approach of Kabbalah.  It is pragmatic, and recognises what is, and
seeks out the *laws* of being.  Follow the laws, and we do better than
if we try to igonre them.

>"But ... and here is a topic for discussion ... perhaps the true
>"evolution" [I prefer "development"] is vertical ..."
>I feel development can be vertical (and is in much cases) but mustn't.
>It depends onto the direction of the development.

It is probably both at once, and what we *believe* will influence how we
behave.  So we must continually ask ourselves, "is what we believe
entirely *true*?"  And where it is found not to be true, we must seek
out the truth of the matter concerned.


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