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Re: I need an "Idiot's Guide to Theosophy"

Nov 10, 1997 06:50 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, M K Ramadoss
<> writes
>One reference I was able to find is in some Oral Teachings published in "The
>Esoteric Writings of HPB" by TPH (also the so-called 3rd/5th vol of SD).
>"People bestow great affection upon animal pets are ensouling them to a
>certain extent, and such animal souls progress very rapidly; in return such
>persons get back the animal vitality and magnetism. It is, however, against
>Nature thus to accentuate animal evolution, and on the whole is bad.

Whether or not HPB wrote this (some would claim not) it is, IMO,
nonsense. All animals have souls, for without them they could not
function.  The soul in the domestic animal responds to the love we give
it, which comes from our own.  As for "evolution" - there is no clear
evidence to support the idea of accentuating either that of animals or

The usual model of "evolution" is a linear one, whether in the Darwinian
sense or the theosophical sense of a repetition of lives.

But ... and here is a topic for discussion ... perhaps the true
"evolution" [I prefer "development"] is vertical ...


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