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Nov 07, 1997 08:23 PM
by M K Ramadoss

One of the questions that sometimes comes up is the issue of intent and action.

In a very simple way, in the letter to Francesca Arundale, Treasurer of
London Lodge, Master KH explains:

   "*Intentions* -- you may tell your fellow-members -- and kind words count
for little with us. Deeds are what we want and demand." 

It is the same msg the Krishna gave Arjuna in Gita where he emphasizes how
critical that action is. Also when we consider all the Adepts have a very
tough job to do and have to answer to their Bosses, it is just common sense
that they want action from anyone who wants to help the "orphan Humanity."

I think if each one of us try to get into action and get something done in
that direction, that would be the practical application of Theosophy. Surely
many times we may find the actions we have embarked on may be foolish in
retrospect, but if we don't act, we may never have a chance of *doing*
something for the cause we all hold dear to our hearts.


My 0.02


PS: It is obvious that They don't care what we think about Them personally.
What they are looking forward is action and results. A very business like

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