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Re: Theosophy inspired painters

Nov 08, 1997 07:32 PM
by tosaki

Dear Michael,

I found in your homepage a lot of treasures. Especially writings by Auke
Sonnega concerning Java culture. Mondrian was closely acqainted with
Dutch painter Jan Toorop around 1900. Jan Toorop was also obviously
influenced by occultism and what is more interesting thing is that his
mother was Javanese and he took titles of his paintings from music a
lot: for example "Organ Sound", "Song of the Times", etc. When you
think of the epoch-making influence of Javanese Gamelan music to
European contemporary music scene the late 19c, the interest about the
relationship between artists and music at that time will be
accumulated,especially from the point of view of occult and Javanese and
Asian culture.

I also found Cornelius Rogge's work very interesting. I appreciate his
conceptual approach to sculpture. Those works are very inspiring.

Thank you again.



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