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Nov 04, 1997 01:07 PM
by M K Ramadoss

I just saw the news announcement that the Judge in the Mass child murder
case has informed that his decision will be posted on the Internet for
everyone to read. This is the first time any Judge has decided to release
his judgement on Internet before releasing it in any other medium.

While individual TS members saw the power and future role of Internet as a
tool of communications, it appears that the TSA leadership is too slow to
recognise it. It can be seen from the fact that I don't know of any elected
member of the Board of Directors has an e-mail address (other than and nor have we seen *any* of them in the cyberspace. It
also appears that we will have to wait until the current younger generation
takes over leadership role for things to change. With the current bylaws, by
the time that happens, most of us would be dead and ready to incarnate.


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