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Re: Using Fear

Nov 08, 1997 10:24 AM
by ramadoss wrote:
> In a message dated 97-11-08 11:54:04 EST, you write:
> After my first book on Psionics came out a couple of good ESers had a number
> of little talks with Gerda warning her that I was probably doing nasty
> experiments on her soul.

I cannot but laugh at anyone who thinks anyone can do experiments on
someone else's soul. It may be an indication that anyone who is thinking
like that needs some very serious counseling. 

It is one more scare tactic, and many will fall prey to scare tactics.
One time I remember someone we all know very subtly tried to tell me how
serious karmic consequences could be for some of our actions. Since no
one dares to tell me directly, this subtle approach was tried and you
know the results. 

Religions have used fear to control their followers with good results
for a long time. I guess people take a leaf out of the time tested fear
techniques used by Religions to get their way and make followers comply.


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