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Re: Another warning dream

Nov 08, 1997 09:10 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-11-08 11:54:04 EST, you write:

>Becoming an author creates major ego problems for anyone, I'd
>think, because suddenly all these strangers are reacting to
>their image of you, which really packs a wallop if it's a
>strongly negative image. 

Good grief Paul!  I've been called everything from a Dugpa to a fraud to an
Agent of the Antichrist for my books and I actually rather find it

After my first book on Psionics came out a couple of good ESers had a number
of little talks with Gerda warning her that I was probably doing nasty
experiments on her soul.

The first thing Dorothy Abbenhouse did after she took office was to take my
book out of the Olcott Library.

And one idiot reviewer took me to task for not including reams of statistics
to back my work.  I nailed her!

It comes with the territory!

But then I like to stir the pot.

Chuck the Heretic

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