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Idiot's Guide to Theosophy

Nov 08, 1997 04:37 PM
by Thoa Tran

>I'm confused (indeed a rarity, I know).  In "A Study in Consciousness" by my
>dear friend Annie Besant, she talks about how occultists often caution those
>who love animals to not, through their actions, end up bringing the
>now-individual animal monad into a human incarnation too soon.  She doesn't
>say exactly what actions would do this - if she does, it whizzed by me.
>Now, how would that be possible?  What physical or mental action could cause
>a monad to incarnate into a form when not ready?  I know there's much
>discussion on this - but it still eludes me.  Sometimes, I read poetry to
>one of my cats, Lillith - she loves it. . .bad thing?  The neighbor next
>door dresses her little dog in frilly pantaloons. . .tacky, yes. . .but it
>this going to send this dog into "humandom?"  Sometimes, I feed my dogs
>"human" food - makes them a bit chunky around the middle. . .but am I
>causing a cosmic rumble?

Oh, my.  Then, I, too, am guilty.  I finally figured out how to get rid of
the pesky mice.  I purchased a humane mouse trap that looked like a little
house.  Now, will these mice develop a taste for housing?  So far, I'm
guilty of rushing about 5 mice into possible premature human incarnation.
Surrounding them with masterpiece artwork and eloquent music is no help,
either.  Hmmm, mice with a taste for housing and the fine arts....  Oh,
BTW, Mark told me he once got his cat high.  Another drug addict in the
world, my gosh, he'll burn in hell!!!

>If even God if unable to construct a universe where things can't slip
>through the cracks, nay, a universe that doesn't even have cracks. . .how
>can I possibly trust anything?
>Time for cupcakes. . .one always thinks more clearly after consuming this
>oh-so-tasty lump of lard.  Sometimes, I think. . .that commercial bakery,
>Hostess, is the only one who really cares. . .

My all time favorite, cupcakes with whip cream on top lining a hunk...

P.S.  They have tons of books for dummies out there.  Maybe someone will
write "Theosophy for Dummies."

Thoa :o)

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