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Nov 07, 1997 07:35 AM
by Nicole Suter

To Chuck: "Well, not physics as it is usually understood.  The field that is
expanding is the astral body and as that is not limited by things like walls
and doors it impinges on the astral bodies of anyone who walks into it."

Very true.

"Now, if we consider the bodies as carriers of certain types of information
and the astral body as a carrier of emotional information
when one body is excited and bumps"

No "bumps".

"into another, an exchange occurs, causing the second one to pick up the
information and pass it on through the system finally causing something to
occur in the physical brain which produces certain biochemical reactions,
such as a tightening of the stomach muscles."

That knowing is only for Himalayan masters and it is forbidden to talk about!

"Thus we instinctively know that something unpleasant has happened, but
we don't quite know what."

But you can learn to analyze what your own "instinct" is trying to say to you.


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