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Re: MKR - Holiday Quest

Nov 07, 1997 06:56 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 08:04 AM 11/7/97 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 97-11-06 08:49:09 EST, you write:
>To MKR:
> What is intriguing is that in all instances in the past when anytime TS is
> introduced, the first object is the one not only explicitly first mentioned,
> but also emphasis is placed and explained that it is the primary objective
> of the TS. One only needs to look at ML to APS and other early literature
> where the Real Founders again and again try to make it clear that the first
> object is all important.
>  >>
> Hi mkr,
>   I appreciated the point you are trying to make.  IMO, we need to talk more
>about Brotherhood and unity.  Since you are quite accurate in your statement.
> The whole reason TS was founded is to create an altruistic movement.  In
>this category we seem to be falling short in the last few years.  IMO,  TS
>hasn't  really been talking  about service and brotherhood.  An organization
>I have observed who is very proactive along these lines is the Institute of
>Noetic Sciences.  Perhaps we need to take a tip.  
>      A favorite text of mine is "Key to Theosophy" reiterates the point of
>brotherhood and altruism.  It speaks of the importance of international
>relations.  IMO, another word for or the development of Brotherhood and
>unity.  It seems to me we could focus on this topic without being overtly

I agree with what you say.

At this time, TS(Adyar) is has the largest membership and perhaps the
richest. It is very important that we do attract those interesting the
universal unity and not those who are attracted by "self-improvement".

In these New Age days, we all know all kinds of self-improvement based
organizations thriving. One has just to visit your local book store and look
at the range of topics covered. So if the altruistic aspect is not
emphasized very very clearly, it is likely we attract some charismatic
people who can see a good opportunity to make use of the money and the
publishing base. While there may be safeguards built-in the bylaws, these
can be changed very easily. With about 55% of the membership being at large,
it would be very easy to push through another so called "housekeeping"
changes. It would take time -- a couple of years -- may be 10-15 years, and
that is not a long time. Any such changes would be irreversible and could be

At least some of us here on the maillists are able to visit these issues
without any vested interest in position or power or money or any other
personal gain. May be Internet might ultimately be the salvation for the



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