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The Way of Things

Sep 29, 1997 02:04 AM
by Mark Kusek

"I have never practiced the swami's technique for "heightening
consciousness" and I doubt I ever shall. For one thing, I am not sure
that I want to be so exclusively aware of either myself or the All in
the colorless essence of either. To put it in a dignified way, I prefer
to live under the dome of many-colored glass and to rest content with
the general conviction that the white radiance of eternity has something
to do with it. To put it more familiarly, what I am after is less to
meet God face to face than to really take in a beetle, a frog, or a
mountain when I meet one."

 - Joesph Wood Krutch

"I'm all for the cosmos. I'll go, too - but with a rose in my hand."

 - Young Russian Girl, 1965

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