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TSA Membership

Sep 28, 1997 07:56 AM
by ramadoss

Recently I saw a documentary on the history of TSA. There were two striking
facts that caught my attention.

1. After Judge decided to cut off from TS(Adyar), there were very few
members in the USA attached to TS(Adyar). TSA was rebuit by a nation wide
lecture tour of Annie Besant and Countess Wachtmeister (?).

2. The membership started to climb and took a sudden precipitous drop when
Krishnamurti disbanded Order of the Star of the East and made his "Truth is
a Pathless Land" statement, in late 1920s. Since then, the membership has
never recovered. On the other hand it has been on a slow downward trend in
recent days.

Has any attempt been made to draw up a plan and try something like what AB
and CW did to regain the membership level of old days?

Now that the next millenium is approaching, are any plans there to rebuild
the membership (if it is all feasible).

It appears that if the present trend continues, TSA as a membership
organization may disappear in our life time, but may continue as a rich
landlord and publishing organization with millions in the bank (and of
course accountants and attorneys making a lot of money -- any time a lot of
wealth is involved, these two categories do well). 

Who knows what is in store for the future?

Just a thought.


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