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Re: Digest 1247

Sep 21, 1997 08:12 AM
by techndex

At 05:16 PM 9/20/97 -0400, Dennis wrote:

> But personal karma, being much more limited in scope, does not (and often
>can not).  There is an interesting Biblical verse (Genesis 4:9) wherein Cain
>asks God: "... am I my brother's keeper?"  Since God elected not to answer
>Cain directly I will be so bold as to do so (no flames, please). "Yes, Cain,
>you ARE your brother's keeper ... and so is everybody else!"
>For, in the grand scheme of things (yes, I know, "there you go again,"
>Dennis, with your Perfect Universe assertion), I have met the enemy (i.e.
>everything else) ... and it is ME!  Thus, if I am indeed my brother's keeper,
>it must follow as the night the day that I am also responsible for my
>brother's karma --- at least in a collective sense.  Now everybody relax.
> With considerable restraint I shall refrain from launching into a long
>(because it is very complicated) explanation concerning the interrelationship
>of personal and group karma except to state that there definitely is one.


This is intriguing. Would you agree that perhaps collective karma limits
and governs the operation of personal karma (and probably even the timing
of it)? In other words, nothing can happen on the level of personal karma
that is not within what is possible under collective karma. Just a thought.


Lynn Moncrief
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