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Re: Beating Tom and Kym to the punch

Sep 20, 1997 03:01 PM
by kymsmith

Paul wrote:

>Herewith my predictions of
>responses from two of our esteemed regulars.

>Kym: Whaddya expect from a bunch of materialistic,
>stick-in-the-mud Taureans and ideological fanatical
>irresponsible Aquarians but to disregard the needs of the
>less fortunate and vote Republican?  Of course sensitive,
>understanding, good-hearted water signs vote Democrat.

And a big "Thank You" for smooshing me into the same boat as Tombo.  And for
taking the words right out of my mouth - what am I going to do with the rest
of my life now?  But don't you worry about me, Paul. . .I'll survive. .
.somehow.  Just go ahead and have a very comfy good night's sleep. . .


P.S.  Seriously, your astrological information on the Senate is very
interesting.  Thanks.    

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