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Re: Beating Tom and Kym to the punch

Sep 19, 1997 05:33 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

I am Taurus. If I were American I would vote Democrat ...

Sort that out ...

Alan :-)

In message <>, "K. Paul Johnson"
<> writes
>While I wouldn't want to introduce political partisanship on
>netsfg, where it's never raised its head, theos-l has long
>since been a battleground.  Herewith my predictions of
>responses from two of our esteemed regulars.
>Tom: Whaddya expect from a bunch of lily-livered,
>mollycoddlin', soft on crime, drug addicted, collectivist
>water signs?  Of course they're Democrats.  And of course
>freedom-loving, intelligent Aquarians and hard-working, salt of
>the earth Taureans are Republicans.
>Kym: Whaddya expect from a bunch of materialistic,
>stick-in-the-mud Taureans and ideological fanatical
>irresponsible Aquarians but to disregard the needs of the
>less fortunate and vote Republican?  Of course sensitive,
>understanding, good-hearted water signs vote Democrat.

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