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Re: Re Re Karma

Sep 16, 1997 10:16 PM
by ramadoss

At 10:50 PM 9/16/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Doss, you wrote (and lots more)
>> Not yet. When I do, I will surely post it here, because I would like to
>> share it with everyone possible.
>> Just my 2 cents. Did I miss anything?
>> >I ask you again.  Have *you* experienced Nirvana?
>> No.
>My sincere apologies.  Our messages crossed.  You answered every darn
>point.  I'm humbled, chastized, sack cloth and ashed.
>(not sure how much passion there is in that "no" though!)

I was a little concerned that I offended you and that I don't do because
everyone here is my friend. So apologies are due at all. It was a brief No
just to avoid any misunderstanding.

>It's turning into a black hole of Calcutta week.  So far, I am told, I
>have been "acrimonious", and overheard one of my staff saying to the
>other today "why is she being such a bitch".  This in response to me
>deciding not to be the big fire fighting problem solver every day and
>doing what I thought was firmly encouraging people to either do it
>themselves or put it in my in-tray when I would get to it on my own
>schedule (which will no longer be at 4.00 a.m.) Obviously I overdid it!!

 When you are yourself, in the long run you will come out ok.

>I've recorded in my journal: que sera, sera.  Do I have to repeat this
>lesson AGAIN???


>Golden stars to you, doss.  Merci for your extensive reply.

You are too kind and considerate. I don't deserve anything least of all
Golden stars!!!

>P.S.  Re the Rajni lectures.  I did ask for feedback.  I received
>something akin to a grunt about the talks, but excitement with respect
>to the meditation training, and a long disertation on how a complete
>stranger Pete met there GAVE HIM A BICYCLE.
>Some's got the gift, other's got the rift!
>A bientot.


Take care.


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