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Re: Re Re Karma

Sep 16, 1997 07:50 PM
by libidia

Doss, you wrote (and lots more)
> Not yet. When I do, I will surely post it here, because I would like to
> share it with everyone possible.
> Just my 2 cents. Did I miss anything?
> >I ask you again.  Have *you* experienced Nirvana?
> No.
My sincere apologies.  Our messages crossed.  You answered every darn
point.  I'm humbled, chastized, sack cloth and ashed.
(not sure how much passion there is in that "no" though!)
It's turning into a black hole of Calcutta week.  So far, I am told, I
have been "acrimonious", and overheard one of my staff saying to the
other today "why is she being such a bitch".  This in response to me
deciding not to be the big fire fighting problem solver every day and
doing what I thought was firmly encouraging people to either do it
themselves or put it in my in-tray when I would get to it on my own
schedule (which will no longer be at 4.00 a.m.) Obviously I overdid it!!

I've recorded in my journal: que sera, sera.  Do I have to repeat this
lesson AGAIN???
Golden stars to you, doss.  Merci for your extensive reply.
P.S.  Re the Rajni lectures.  I did ask for feedback.  I received
something akin to a grunt about the talks, but excitement with respect
to the meditation training, and a long disertation on how a complete
stranger Pete met there GAVE HIM A BICYCLE.
Some's got the gift, other's got the rift!
A bientot.

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