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Re: Retention/recall

Sep 16, 1997 09:21 PM
by libidia

Hey Jaqi:
Most interesting mail.  I meant "recollection" (not retention), so your
experiments, though not following scientifc methodolgy, were entirely
pertinent (and who cares about scientific proof in such matters?)

Re the associative v quantum recall method, synchronistically, I
experienced a similar kind of test with my son recently.  In a quiet
moment, my son requested we play a game.  One person chooses a year, the
other person has to sing a few bars of a song from the pop charts, and
the initial person has to name the singer. Notwithstanding that he's
lounging in the passenger seat and I'm negotiating downtown traffic, I
bombed out compared to him.
Try as I might, singers names eluded me, so I resorted to describing the
picture in my mind, like, "you know that dishy guy with the great buns
who wore scarves and shirts open to the navel, the one we used to listen
to when I made that chilli with double beans."    
Conversely, he'd say 1950's, I'd guffaw (he wasn't born then), I'd sing
Cathy's Clown, he'd say "The Everley Brothers, come on Mum, quit making
it easy".  By the by, he's a computer programmer!

> it takes a little more time, they remember more than the female might.
So, if your test is indicative, for a level playing field in education,
we have to allow the guys more time.  This explains why we (women) ended
up doing the same work for less pay AND making the coffee!
> This led to another test.  Remembering lines, and if we could, entire
> stanzas, of Hamlet.  He would state one line, and I was to state the line
> or stanza which followed it.  
Are you telling me that you both remembered stanzas from Hamlet,
presumably studied some time ago?  
I really enjoyed reading about your tests.  

And, with some coincidence, I stored away last week a mental note to
look into exactly what you described about your friend and Alexander. 
Intend to get to it after getting into a great new book obtained today
"The Encyclopaedia of Celtic Wisdom" in which pages 1 to 127 are about
It recommends a great cure for the easing of headaches - the rubbing on
of spittle.

All this subjective stuff notwithstanding, I still tend to think in
terms of neurons firing and basic memory paths laid down between ages of
birth and about 6 years old for "working memory", and association with
senses and emotions for "life events" memory.  That's one of the reasons
for pushing the envelope backwards.  I postulate currently that with
adequate practice of correct focus, I can "unlock" the memory of The
People and remember stuff not recorded in books. 
Thanks for sharing.  till later.  Annette.

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