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Re: Media Tarot

Sep 08, 1997 05:53 PM
by A. Safron

> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
> Subject: Media Tarot 
> Date: Friday, September 05, 1997 5:28 PM
> Thinking about Di and Mother Teresa and the media, I realized that we have 
> trully entered the Aquarian Church of the Media World Mind, a veritable 
> tableaux of tarot images, icons and archetypes.
> Di was Isis, Strength and the Sun (as feminine representations of those 
> cards).  Mother Teresa was (the Hermit, and yes! the Heirophant, and the 
> hanged women).

Di reminds me of Libra, full of grace and seeking a partner.
Mother Teresa is the ultimate Pisces, serving, serving. serving.  I had her
chart a a year or so back, but it got trashed.

> OJ Simpson was our devil for a while.  President Clinton is the King and the 
> Fool and that is not a put down, but is exactly why he can screw all the girls 
> and the American public and get away with it!

OJ would be Scorpio, jealous, vengeful.  Pres Clinton is Leo, because he
IS a Leo - plays the sax at this own inaugural and is loved by the ladies.

> Hillary is the Moon, believe me!  Of course movie stars are also iconographic, 
> Marilyn will always be the Queen, for our generation, then Madona, and now 
> Alanis Morrisette (?)-kd lang (????)

I'd agree with Hillary as the Moon.  Madonna is Virgo rising and with other
planets in Virgo.  Venus in Leo, an indicator of beauty.  The rest I'm not
familiar with.

A. Safron

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