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Re: Karma & Rules

Sep 08, 1997 04:40 PM
by kymsmith

Nicole wrote:

>..........doss wrote: "Physical and emotional suffering is a fact of life."
>If I consider God to be love, how can the above senctence be true?
>Could it be, the fact is a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding
>that hurts even greater than others because so many are beliving
>it? Imagine all the force their believs are giving to the "fact" when
>they are thinking about it, hearing from it, talking about it ...

God can "be love" and there can still be "physical and emotional suffering."
For example, if one believes in the concept of "free will" then some of the
pain we suffer can be explained (although it does not explain why animals

You speak of the "force" of "their beliefs" - yes, I agree completely that
we can think ourselves into suffering.  Yet, there are beings who suffer
greatly who do not go around "thinking" about it (again, animals would be an

Perhaps you may want to define what you consider "love" to mean, thereby
defining your concept of God.  I would be interested in knowing what you
(and anyone else on this list if they care to) believe "love" is. The
concept of love doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. . .


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