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Karma & Rules

Sep 08, 1997 10:01 AM
by Nicole Suter

Jerry Schueler writes:

"Also, I take exception to your premise. HPB and many others have
all pointed out that it is motive and motive alone that is the difference
between white and black actions (magic, karma, whatever). So,
giving help to others with the wrong motive will NOT produce any
good karma. Sorry. But it just won't. Its not so much what we DO
in life (exoteric) as how we ARE in life (esoteric). Bad motives can
cancel out good actions. Good motives can cancel out bad actions.
If we think we did a good thing, we tend to produce good karma
no matter if it was really a bad thing that we did (because good
and bad are always subjective and relative). But karma itself is
very complex and I am trying to simplify here."

I wonder where the motive might come from and I think its roots
come from the subconcsious. If I learn to be able to let come the
subconcsious to the concsious, I am starting to get rid of "wrong"
motivs and of karma. Going through the Kama Loka on earth ... ?

Its the pain, the ego has already suffered down here , which causes
the "bad" motive. That pain that makes out of me a paindrunken
monkey. The pain which unables me to be honest to myself.  I
simply have to go through the door of that pain. At the other end
my self is expecting me. And this is much greater than the poor
suffering ego. Maybe one should start to use this door more often.

..........doss wrote: "Physical and emotional suffering is a fact of life."

If I consider God to be love, how can the above senctence be true?
Could it be, the fact is a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding
that hurts even greater than others because so many are beliving
it? Imagine all the force their believs are giving to the "fact" when
they are thinking about it, hearing from it, talking about it ...

Nicole Suter

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