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Signed: Confused

Sep 08, 1997 10:10 AM
by Jaqtarin Samantha Triele

I've recently plunged back into the SD (for some odd reason I got the
urge), and, beginning Anthropogenesis (again.  I understand it a little
better now...I feel like I must have learned a few things in the past
year, but I haven't a clue from where) I found some minor statement that I
hope someone might be able to explain.

It resides in HPB's explanation of ST 1, VS 1.  It goes a little something
like this:

"The sun was the chief, exoterically, of the twelve great gods, or
zodiacal constellations;"[this part is pretty easy, its the next that lost
me]..."and, esoterically, the Messiah, the Christos (the subject anointed
by the Great Breath, or the One) surrounded by his twelve subordinate
powers, also subordinate, in turn, to each of the seven "Mystery-gods" of
the planets."

What don't I understand?  Almost all of it.  Here is what I "think" I
understand.  The mystery-gods are the seven planetary Spirits.  That's it.  

What or who does she mean by the Messiah/Christos?  Surely not the
Christ(in the flesh).  But maybe.  I figured that because she stated
"esoterically" first, she meant the spiritual aspect of the Christos.
Then comes the twelve subordinate powers.  The apostles?  Still I think
not.  I think the biggest thing that throws me here is the "in turn".  I
feel extremely ignorant.  It almost seems astrological, and unfortunately,
Astrology isn't something I am very familiar with.

Can anybody help?


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