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Re: The Spiritual Path & Motives

Sep 08, 1997 10:28 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 12:57 PM 9/8/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>I am still at such an novice level as far as personal knowledge of the
>>spiritual path is, I am just at a stage when I am looking for the simple
>>objective of "helping" any one as far as I can, in any manner I can. 
>Doss, your modesty is too much! If you are really at such a low level
>then you really need to ask yourself why? Why do you feel the
>need to help others? Question your motives. I suspect that you
>are farther along the Path than you think--which is quite often
>the case because spirituality is so subtle that sometimes we have
>grasped it without even knowing it.
>Jerry S.
>Member TI 

Thanks Jerry. You have made my day!

I will be very glad the day when I personally realize that indeed I am
somewhere (anywhere) on the path.

Why do I feel I need to help others? It is simple like this. When driving
along the highway, I see a man or woman hurt and bleeding. I stop and see
what I can do to help the suffering person. I just do it. It does not matter
to me how the person got hurt and what could have been done to avoid it etc.
Just see the facts and act as best as I can.


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