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More on Karma

Sep 08, 1997 09:21 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>I think that we can make karma-less choices if we act without hope or
>desire, for that is where the karmic chains are bound. However, I'm
>speaking of personal karma here. Even once we transcend personal karma,
>there are higher, incomprehensible (at this stage) levels of karma which
>binds "the gods" as well, IMHO. After all, if we consider it as being in
>essence the law of cause and effect, the actions of gods would have
>as well. I do agree with everything else you said.

Hi Lynn, glad to hear from you. I agree with what you say. We can only
deal with personal karma. Eliminating collective karma is exactly what
happens with a Buddha, who leaves us behind never to return. The
bodhisattva ideal seems more appealing to me--to decrease our
personal karma while working within the collective karma of humanity
in order to help others.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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