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Re: Choices as Karma Makers

Sep 07, 1997 03:18 PM
by techndex

At 06:08 PM 9/6/97 -0400, Jerry wrote:

>It may be gloomy, but I think it is true. Choices make karma, no
>matter which choice you make. The gods don't make choices, and
>neither do animals (at least very often). Rather, they act in line
>with their inner Self nature. This is pretty much what Adepts
>do as well. When you are compassionate by nature, your choices
>are very limited in what you can do, but then again, you produce
>less karma.

Hi Jerry,

I think that we can make karma-less choices if we act without hope or
desire, for that is where the karmic chains are bound. However, I'm
speaking of personal karma here. Even once we transcend personal karma,
there are higher, incomprehensible (at this stage) levels of karma which
binds "the gods" as well, IMHO. After all, if we consider it as being in
essence the law of cause and effect, the actions of gods would have effects
as well. I do agree with everything else you said.


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