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Re: Violent Women

Sep 05, 1997 02:23 PM
by libidia

Tom, I believe you wrote:
> It's probably just lack of interest, then, that no one who so eagerly
> accuses men of sexism would want to discuss reports such as these.
I promised myself I would not comment and was pleased that Ann and Jacqi
did it for me admirably, but the subject "got to me".....

Firstly, anyone who has calculated, analyzed, synthesized and BS'd their
managers with stats knows that one can make stats tell any story one
wants.  Although this is a basic instinct in mammals it required proof
for us dumber line in the form of every segment of industry that one
year uses stats to promote a product, service or concept and later uses
relatively identical stats to disprove the former and introduce an
opposite.  If you don't believe me, try designing, implementing and
analyzing a questionnaire with "suggestive opposite" statements in it
and no room for "additional comments". I'll bet you'll conclude that
your respondents don't know what they have experienced, mean or think
and futhermore that you can present the results to support anything!

Secondly, it's hard not to lose one's cool as a female and allow one's
baser instincts to bubble up to the mouth or hand when some males (and
some total societies) keep pushing us to the limit of this
gender/power/domination thing, when all we want is to get
past/round/above it and be part of a whole genderless enlightened race.

I admire those who have the courage and strength to stay in the debate,
however, I am hiding out in shame for all those times that I have slayed
a man with my eyes, body, tongue, intelligence and witchery.  It's too
darn easy to do and accomplishes nothing - much like those stats.  Most
of us (women) have experienced some kind of power/sexism "abuse" and
until we start to reconnect to the enlightenment, we turn and fight with
blasts of energy that we don't even know we have and hence escalate the
"battle".  Ergo, most of us (women) have given some power/sexism
"abuse".  Sooner or later, depending on what lifetime we're on, we
realize that we are manifesting these situations and back off, but on
the days we are tired or jealous or uninspired, we lash out at what we
"feel" constantly as this dictatorial implicit power/domination thing,
thinking, "why is it always I who have to

I've waited a long time for "the masculinity" to catch up again on the
learning curve and join the "feminity" and have no desire to put that in
jeapordy again.  However.......
I am Eagle ......... watch me soar
I am Warrior ......... hear me roar
I am Mother .......  join with me
I am You ..........  let me BE

And "hell" really does have no fury like a woman's scorn (or a woman
spurned, or a woman ignored, or a woman threatened, or a woman "you name
it" if it's opposite to Love".)

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