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Di and Mother T

Sep 05, 1997 02:56 PM

Well we now have two icons gone.  Two holes in the pantheon.  There will be 
replacements from generation X, but if there music is a preview, I am afraid I 
will be as disdainful as QEII.

No doubt, Mother Teresa, is closer to being the IDEAL of the early 
theosophists, but I never EVER hearing of HPB taking to the slums of India to 
help the poor, so that let's us off the hook, doesn't it??

HPB was a very skillful manipulator of the media of the time with her 
association with AP Sinnett and all those letters from the "masters", 
strangely in HPB's hand usually,  flying about the rooms and closets (one had 
to duck I susupect!)

Mother T and Di really can't be compared, except as representative of 
successful women who tried to help humanity.  Mother T was more direct and got 
her hands dirty, but I really think Di's longterm impact will be longer in 
memorials for AIDS childrena and other charities.  The poor will always be 
with us, but you don't get a go-getter like Di everyday.  

Di wasn't a modern VENUS, a sex goddess, like Marilyn Monroe.  But she was a 
complete women - beautiful, gracious, nuturing, fertile and able to hold her 
own against men and monarchs.  The Wiccans can't get that out in earth 
mothers, I bet.

I think Mother T was more holy, more spiritual, but Di was more complete.  She 
would have made a good archetype in a Jungian study of the anima alive in the 
World.  Now she is alive in the World Soul.

I think they are good icons for the old and stodgy puritan spiriuality and the 
new effervesing and effervesent Aquarian (media to the tits!) spirituality.  
Can you say theos-l and Brand X?

Keith Price

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