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Re: THEOS-L digest 1225

Sep 05, 1997 01:19 PM
by libidia

> To: Chuck
> Subject: Re: Di.

> Actually, it has our vcrs working overtime as we frantically avoid the
> insipid, inane and totally boring coverage of this event of monumental
> unimportance.  Oh, and I didn't do it.  I was at a party last saturday night.
Will you say the same about the coverage of Mother Teresa, Chuck?
Are these happenings linked?
How many more do we have to lose until the message gets through?

Just what were you manifesting at that party then?
BTW, I was really pleased with your response to my Solomon challenge. 
You got me for about 2 minutes before I could think of a retort and now
I've forgotten it as it was not at all inspirational or worthy of your
parry.  Keep on Chucking.  Annette.

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