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Re: Doggie Doo

Jul 31, 1997 01:39 PM
by ramadoss wrote:
> At 09:23 AM 7/31/97 -0400, Anne (I hope I got it right :-))
> >
> >Like Annie Besant.  But the doggie doo issue really deals with the fact
> >that the participants of Theos-l are saying things that the adminstration
> >would rather not have said.  Nor  do they care for the historical
> >exposes.  It's a battle between the public image and the full truth.
> >No doubt going on all over the Net.
> I agree. That's why governments all over the world are desperately itching
> to control and limit access to it. Plus there was that whole Scientology
> thing where the "Church" of Scientology was extremely upset about messages
> posted to Usenet about the organization. I think that the Net is eventually
> cause BIG changes in organizations of all types. I love it!!!!
> Lynn

some time ago, I believe it is Bahai group, that had some followers
posting critical msgs ended up with the leadership throwing the posters
out of their orgn.

It is my belief that that the powers behind some of the greatest
advances for the benefit of the humanity would be watching all these
traffic and may view all of us like little children yet to grow up be
able to deal with openness and freedom. the changes that internet is
going to make to the organizations will be very fundamental and more far
reaching than any of us can imagine. I am having a lot of fun seeing all
the developments.


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