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Re: Digest 1151

Jul 31, 1997 01:39 PM
by techndex

At 01:15 PM 7/31/97 -0400, Dennis wrote:

>          2.  Regarding the various "CWL" comments, I consider it a little
>ironic that, had he had a proclivity for nicotine, society would have
>accomodated him.  It still does today despite the appalling destructiveness
>of cigarettes. 

Huh? How have you missed the national jihad against smoking? Folks can't be
satisfied with just pointing out the dangers of smoking and let people make
their own decisions nor even stop at banning smoking in public. Nooooo.
They have to try to FORCE everyone to quit, even in the privacy of their
own homes where the issue of second-hand smoke is irrelevant.
"Accomodating" my foot!

>It would
>appear that CWL's misfortune was to have virtually the only proclivity (i.e.
>homosexualtiy) that society to date has beee unwilling to accomodate.  But
>even that is slowly changing (witness all the "Gay Pride" parades of late).
>Perhaps CWL's major fault was to incarnate a few decades too soon.  

Pedophilia (molesting children) is not the same thing as homosexuality. You
have confused a an activity that is a form of rape (children being under
the age of consent) with consenting activity between adults.

Lynn Moncrief
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