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Re: Simplistic Teaching.

Jul 31, 1997 09:17 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 09:23 AM 7/31/97 -0400, A. Safron wrote:
>> From: Anna S. Bjornsdottir & E.A. <>
>> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
>> Subject: RE: Simplistic Teaching.
>> Date: Tuesday, July 29, 1997 4:21 PM
>> Be at peace, too, Einar, but it is amazing that for all the short simple
posts at the
>beginning of this, you managed to ramble on to some complicated and
difficult writing that
>made my head spin.
>> Perhaps this is your mode of communication.
>> A. Safron 
>> Oh, My God. I thought I could hear a head spin all the way over here! Be
careful what you
>read, Anne. :-}
>Perhaps it comes from my upbringing in a working class neighborhood on the
South Side of 
>Chicago.  Simplicity reigned because that's a as far as people could go.
Many girls married
>graduating high school, because of pregnancy.  Few had money for even a
junior college.  A job
>as a stock boy or at a drug store was considered the height of sucess.
Gangs were the thing,
>even then, and you could often hear gunshots in the middle of the night.
>These things are imbedded in my soul and I always wonder how the Ageless
Wisdom can be
>translated to them.
>A. Safron

You have touched on one of the most critical problems that is facing this
country in every city and perhaps every country in the world.

All the talk about consciousness and globes and rounds and manvantaras and
how the solar system was created shows the comprehensive nature of the
doctrines of Theosophy. But how when we see all the problems, any
theosophist is going to ask what can be done to address the immediate
problem, not something that can be taken care of in the next life.....

I think this is an area where all of us can brain storm and come up with
some simple things or projects that may make a little difference in the
communities we all live in.

It brings to my mind what HPB & HSO did when they got to India as well as
later when Annie Besant went to India, 

One of the things that was done was to open up the first school for the
*untouchable* children who lived in the slums near Adyar. The children were
*not* taught the Ageless Wisdom, but were taught to take a bath in the
morning, how to wash clothes and the importance of simple hygiene.

Besant was reputed as the greatest orator of her day, in addition to her
speeches and writings, immersed herself in the Indian Freedom movement as
well as establishing a chain of educational institutions.

The result was the TS Branches and membership grew in leaps and bounds.

After Annie Besant, I have not seen much of any activity in the practical
side of Theosophy. May be it is time for all of us to think about it.

In the past several years, the only person in the TSA administration who
seems to have mentioned about the issue of how to take Theosophy to those
who can most benefit by it is Tim Boyd who is from Chicago. I recall his
making a statement in this connection several years ago. I think it was in
his published statement when he ran for the office of Directorship. But I
have not seen anything else from anyone in recent years.


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