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Quantum randomness and random thoughts

Jul 30, 1997 08:37 AM


seems to me that Quantum Mechanics only Itdoes away with determinism as it
relates to individual events. The wave function itself that governs
probabilities of individual events strictly obeys causality. This jives with
the impression I get from theosophical literature that the broad-brush overall
plan of our world is determined, but that details are dependent on free will
choice.  It has been likened to a ship on a journey. Your destination is
determined, but your experience is conditioned by what you do on the ship
during the journey.  You can make it harder, or delay it for a season or

Keith:  I have heard this before, but I like the way you put it.  

But always stirring.....I think one of the cheif attractions of theosophy used 
to be that like occultism in general, one is suppossedly able to speed one's 
development or get in contact with those that have in order to help others 
(right hand path).

Purucker talks about the 8th globe, for those that pursue the left hand path 
for selfish or destructive purposes.

You know, I was watching a video about Tesla.  He wanted to provide free 
electricity to ships and all of us through radio transmission.  This oil 
magnate, I forget, was funding it then he withdrew because he couldn't put a 
meter on the transmitted electiricity.  Tesla is an interesting case.  He 
talks about freeing people from the grid of utility lines which we seem to 
need.  Air is free.  Sunlight is free.  But energy and water and waste etc. 
depends on a complex grid system

This grid system could be expanded to include the grid of culture and career 
paths, political systems and the direction we must travel.

Conspiracy theorist may be right in that he who controls the grid controls the 
gold (money) and controls the physcial plane.

I would like to think that we could walk lightly on the grid, ever mindful of 
our higher vehicles without being ensnared in it.  Sometimes I feel this way.

Rambling as usual

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