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Not arguing

Jul 28, 1997 06:42 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

In response to my rather detailed explanation of my Cayce book,
Gisele said that she had argued enough over such things and
that I was free to believe or disbelieve whatever I want.

Well, arguing is not what I had in mind but rather offering a
perspective.  That perspective has been gained, however, by
reading the entire 13,000 page Edgar Cayce Library Series,
spending many hours with the CD-ROM of readings and
correspondence, and devouring all the relevant books about
Cayce.  And the manuscript has been read by many leading
figures in ARE, none of whom has been unfriendly or dismissive.
Much help has been obtained from other experts in the readings.

People are free to believe in whomever they want, but also
responsible to weigh evidence carefully and obtain all they can
before deciding.  I am open to discussing evidence pro and con
Cayce's version of history, but not open to argument based on
the assumption that anyone can arbitrarily choose what to
believe without recourse to standards of evidence.  That makes
the world a tower of Babel.  Which is a fair description of the
occult/metaphysical milieu, no?

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